ZF Wind Power in Lommel streamlines

building management using Freemind Leonardo

ZF Wind Power in Lommel streamlines


Flexible e-dashboard monitors technical installations at ZF’s production facility of wind turbine transmissions

Freemind’s Leonardo software visualizes technical installations and safety systems in the gearbox production plant of ZF Wind Power in Lommel, Belgium. The ergonomic web-based Leonardo platform monitors HVAC, compressed air and other installations. Through a single graphical user interface, ZF building management staff receives manageable and useful information in the form of messages, events, signals and alarms extracted from installation control systems. They can remotely investigate a local temperature flaw by verifying HVAC system operation in real time, or have smoke escape roof windows opened when alerted by a smoke alarm. Leonardo flexibly adapts to ZF facility changes and expansions, and helps maintain high factory productivity and security.

ZF opted for a centralised monitoring system in 2006. This simplifies the process of tracking different technical installations equipped with vendor-specific monitoring features Hans Vanherck, Facility Engineer at ZF Wind Power Technology in Lommel

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