KBC World Headquarters e-monitors

technical installations with Freemind Leonardo

KBC World Headquarters e-monitors


Ergonomic web-based Leonardo platform increases building management quality and productivity

Freemind’s Leonardo software platform integrates most security systems and technical installations in KBC’s headquarter buildings in Brussels, Belgium. Through a single graphical user interface, KBC staff receives manageable and useful information extracted from numerous messages, events, signals and alarms. They can take prompt and appropriate action based on real-time dashboards of air conditioning, lighting, electricity, elevator and fire detection systems. Changes made to the building configuration easily find their way into Leonardo, thanks to flexible software customization and remote e-monitoring system adaptation. Overall, Leonardo maximizes the comfort and safety of thousands of KBC building occupants, while reducing the recurring costs substantially through streamlined interaction with installation subcontractors.


From the start KBC opted for an integrated approach, instead of separately monitoring air conditioning, lighting, electricity, elevator and fire detection Stefan Vansant, Manager Technical Installations of KBC World Headquarters.

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