European Commission recommends ICP for Building Renovations. SIGN UP NOW for ICP Project Developer and Quality Assurance Professional Training



On November 30 the European Commission published the “Winter Package,” a major energy policy update, where it cites the Investor Confidence Project Europe (ICP Europe) as “best practice” to maximize investor interest in buildings requiring energy efficiency upgrades.

Paul Hodson, Head of the European Commission’s energy efficiency unit, said: “The potential of the Investor Confidence Project to de-risk energy efficiency investments has been recognised by the Commission. The ICP approach addresses the needs of investors looking for standardised projects that reduce the time, risk, and costs involved in funding energy efficiency building retrofits.”

ICP is excited to inform you of our next free trainings for Project Developer and Quality Assurance Credentials to be able to offer our services for renovation projects.

The ICP System leverages existing professional certifications, credentialed providers, and the ICP Protocols to create Investor Ready Energy Efficiency projects that increase investor and building owner confidence in project energy and financial returns.

The ICP Project Developer and Quality Assurance Credential programmes represent the core of ICP’s deployment system. These programmes ensure that select project developers and quality assurance professionals have the necessary qualifications and training to develop projects that utilise industry best practices and conform to the ICP standards.

Our upcoming training sessions are taking place on Wednesday 18th January 2017 for project developers and Friday 20th January 2017 for quality assurance providers.

For qualified project developers, joining the ICP credential programme involves submitting a brief application and participating in a free 2-3 hour web-based ICP training course that covers best practices and methods for incorporating the ICP Protocols into your project origination process.

Quality assurance professionals can become ICP credentialed after already achieving the Project developer Credential and then submitting a brief application and participating in a two hour web-based ICP training course and follow up exam enabling them to provide third party verification for projects that are compliant with the ICP Protocols, which will then qualify for certification as Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ projects.

Interested parties are encouraged to register for the training to become a credentialed Project Developer here or to register for Quality Assurance training here. Pleascontact us with any further questions.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Yours in Confidence,

Panama Bartholomy
Programme Director, ICP Europe
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