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Energis is the only product providing a complete set of integrated applications covering all phases of an energy efficiency project: Audit - Savings Projection - Project Management - Monitoring - Measurement & Verification (M&V)"
One stop solution for energy professionals

Energis Enables Rational Use of Energy

Providing a set of applications for managing Energy Efficiency Projects

Energy efficiency is by far the cheapest energy resource and this realization drives investment in energy efficiency projects in private and public organizations. The end-goal of any energy efficiency project is to reduce the energy consumptions, costs and CO2 emissions. These projects are realised by ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) delivering energy services or other energy efficiency measures in end users’ premises. Examples of end users are offices, schools, public administrations, hospitals, data centers, retail & industrial sites, cities.

Enable ESCOs to better monitor and optimise energy usage in their non-residential building portfolio via Energis, a cloud-based Energy Efficiency Service Platform, using advanced Modelling and AI Techniques together with Big Data analysis,  to meet energy efficiency and staff productivity targets

Support Partners for energy efficiency services delivery

Partners use Energis software to complement their services and solutions with the goal of enabling their clients to reduce energy consumption in their premises, measure the results of energy efficiency actions and improve their organisation’ s environmental credentials.

Energis is offered as software-as- a-service (SaaS) or for on-site installation, and is scalable by design. It is used in many sites and buildings and has proven to support the entire energy efficiency value chain. The rich set of pre-integrated applications allows any type of energy management project to be handled, from basic energy monitoring, to complex EPC contract management.

One stop solution for energy professionals

Energis is the only product providing a complete set of integrated applications to enable the management of energy management projects from audit to measurement and verification


Conducting energy audits on a regular basis helps identify waste energy and opportunities for saving energy.

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Energis enables audits to be performed quickly by the inventory of all energy related assets to be updated on-site or remotely

  • Inventory of all assets related to energy consumption, production and storage.
  • Audit information can be collected using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Consumption Monitoring

Energis allows companies and organisations to gain insight into their energy consumption across sites as well as the consumption readings of individual meters.

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  • Flexible collection and storage of variety of data
  • Analysis of metrics with wide range of viewing options (graphs, tables, etc.)
  • Predefined and personalised dashboards composed of widgets adapted to the end-users expectations and context
  • Reports generation using predefined templates
  • Memos to keep track of energy-related activities
  • Generates alerts for consumption levels outside thresholds and notification via email

Performance Monitoring

Energis allows the continuous monitoring of the energy performance of sites.

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It continuously calculates the expected consumption and production of the sites and site entities such as heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and solar energy systems. Energis extend beyond generating simple alerts when given thresholds are reached as it will automatically send Smart Alerts when there is excessive consumption and the actual consumption differs significantly from the expected consumption.

  • One-click identification of energy efficiency models
  • Proactive alerting in case of deviations from expected consumptions


Energis allows the energy efficiency potential to bequantified and it indicates where to focus efficiency improvement efforts.

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It does this by comparing different energy savings scenarios.

  • Usage of site-specific models for simulation and projection purposes
  • Forecasting of consumptions and savings using what-if scenarios
  • Compare different savings scenarios to take decisions

Measurement & Verification

Energis measures the real savings of projects and actions with high levels of accuracy by using artificial intelligence techniques.

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And by evaluating the results according to EVO’s International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol®. With just a few clicks, the user uploads data files containing historical consumption data and other relevant variables in a predefined format. This ‘baseline’ data covers the period before energy saving measures were implemented and is used to calculate the baseline energy model. This model can be applied to different time periods to explicitly calculate the avoided energy cost due to the various energy savings actions undertaken.

  • Uses a variety of energy, activity and system related data
  • Identification of the best site-specific model and key-independent variables that most affect energy consumption
  • Assessment of the model against the IPMVP® criteria
  • The model can be applied to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly usage as required
  • Alerts, dashboards and reports use the model to verify the energy effectively saved

ICP Projects

Energis allows ESCOs/Project Developers to produce credentialed projects according to the Investor Confidence Protocols.

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They can share the needed project information with independent Quality Assurance Providers, which certify projects as Investor Ready Energy Efficiency compliant. Investors and building owners can thus make investment decisions with increased confidence knowing their projects are ICP certified.

  • ICP Project management with all relevant stakeholders
  • ICP Project dashboard with stages and documents
  • QAP and investor user roles

Energis a business engine for our Partners

Energis can be deployed as a white label solution, enabling our Partners to gain a competitive advantage by rapidly bringing to market their own Energy Management solution powered by Energis.

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