Energis the first ICP Europe compliant software


Energis the First ICP Europe compliant software solution for Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE) certified projects

Freemind has the pleasure to announce its product Energis as the  first ICP (Investor Confidence Project) Europe Credentialed Software. It has been introduced as such during the ICP Training which took place on Wednesday 8th June 2016 for project developers.
The ICP System leverages existing professional certifications, credentialed providers, and the ICP protocols to create Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ projects that increase investor and building owner confidence in project engineering fundamentals and financial returns (more details can be found here see http://europe.eeperformance.org/).  
This achievement is the result of a close collaboration between the ICP Europe technical team and Freemind’s  product team. Energis will now be used in real environments for pilot projects in Germany, Bulgaria and others and will further be adapted based on the collected feedback.”